About Us

Keepsake Florals is a company that is started up by local florist, Ms Pearlyn Soo.

As Social Media and online flower delivery is becoming a thing, Ms Soo decided to shift her attention to online services as well.
Now, Keepsake Florals offers same day flower delivery and has expanded into a bigger company that receives up to 30 orders of flowers each day.
Our flowers are freshcut and carefully maintained for customers so it has a better appearence for whatever you are using it for. Be it giving it to your lover, your parents or even keeping it for yourself. It would also look good for home decoration purposes.
We have over 100 different types of flowers and some of them can be found here !

Our Vision:

To be the number one go-to flower delivery company in Singapore

Our Mission:

To deliver the flowers ordered within a few days and ensure our service is in tip-top shape.

For enquiry: